Kayaking and Canoeing in Vermont: Upper West River Run

Kayking and Canoeing in Vermont: Upper West River Run

The Upper West River Run is a great way to go kayaking or canoeing on this quintessential class III run in southern Vermont. Participants in Upper West River Runs should be strong intermediate kayakers or canoeists with solid river maneuvering, rolling and self-rescue skills on class III whitewater.

With just one release day a year, this gem is worth catching every time you can. The Upper West is fairly continuous pushy class III with a few resting stops and lots of great surfing, high-speed eddies and opportunities to whoop it up in your kayak or canoe.

For 2017 the West River Run is scheduled for May 6th and 7th, and September 23.

*Please note the May clinics will meet at our Zoar Adventure Center in Wilmington, VT. 

Price: $95.00 per person includes all equipment, instruction, catered, picnic-style lunch and transportation from our base at Stratton Mountain to and from the paddling sites.

What To Expect & How to Prepare

Goal of the clinic:

To provide opportunities for class III paddlers to run the Upper West River under the guidance of an able instructor.

Who should take the clinic:

Kayakers or canoeists who are comfortable in class III and want a chance to gain experience or paddle a new river under the expert leadership of qualified instructors. Our minimum age for these clinics is 14.

What will be covered:

The instructor will lead a warm up session before setting out down the river, and will set up a river order. While the day is set up to be experiential, not instructional, students may ask for help on specific skills while paddling the river.

Trip Details

A Typical Paddling Day

Your clinic will meet at our Stratton Mountain base in Stratton, VT. at 9:00 AM.   The clinic will start on time, so please be prompt.  Complimentary hot drinks will be available upon your arrival. Your clinic will end at about 5:00 PM.

The usual river run lasts from 8:30 to about 5:00. Since river runs are designed to be recreational paddling days, there will be people in different types of boats, and at different levels. Your group may be divided up by ability or by craft (kayak or canoe) to maximize each person's experience. Your instructors will encourage you to push your limits, but in a way that does not endanger you or the rest of the group. On each river run, there may be specific rapids where options will be presented, but the instructor will have final say as to what each river runner may decide to do. Each student will be expected to carry his or her own boat from the vehicle to the water and vice versa.

The number of students in your clinic may vary.  On this clinic we have a maximum student-to-instructor ratio of 4:1 and a maximum clinic size of 8 students.

You will be spending somewhere between four to five hours in your boat.  You will be kneeling (canoeists) or sitting (kayakers) for much of this time. To prepare you will want to stretch your thighs hamstrings and torso (back, stomach, shoulders and neck). If you increase your flexibility, you will have more efficient strokes, and you will be more comfortable in your boat. The book “Stretching” by Bob Anderson is an excellent reference for specific stretches.


What should I wear?

While some of the flatwater areas we use are quite warm in June, July and August, the Deerfield River is always cool, regardless of the time of year or air temperature. When packing your paddling clothes, please plan accordingly, especially if you are coming early or late in the season (April, May, September and October). Our clinics will run rain or shine.

Wear items such as :

  • synthetic long underwear, garments made of plypropylene, capilene, or some polyester/spandex blend.
  • fleece or wool socks
  • bathing suit
  • fleece or wool jacket/sweater (early/late season or if you tend to chill easily)

Other items to bring.

  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • retaining strap for glasses
  • nose plugs
  • towel
  • required medications
  • extra money for snacks, t-shirts, or coin operated showers.

Zoar Outdoor will provide:

  •  boat
  •  wetsuit
  •  paddle jacket
  •  booties
  •  life jacket
  •  helmet
  •  paddle
  •  sprayskirt

We provide a catered picnic-style lunch on all our clinics.  Typical lunches include homemade rolls, sliced turkey, ham or other meats, sliced cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, chips, salsa, hummus, pasta or other salad, cookies or other dessert and hot and cold drinks.  

The following statement is required by state law: "Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy."

We do not use nuts in our food, but can not guarantee that the ingredients in our meals do not contain nuts or other food allergens. If you have food allergies or other special dietary needs, we strongly suggest you bring your own bag lunch in non-glass containers and we will pack it with the other lunches on your trip. Please inform our office at 800 532-7483 or info@zoaroutdoor.com if you intend to do this.

(If you own your own equipment, we suggest you use it in the clinic to get used to its quirks.)

Getting Here

To get there take Route 91 North to Exit 2 in Brattleboro, Vermont. At the end of this ramp, turn left and follow signs to Route 30.

Travel through the town of Brattleboro, turning left at the traffic light. Drive 1/4 mile and turn left onto Route 30. Continue approximately 38 miles on Route 30 to the village of Bondville; turn left at the entrance to Stratton Mountain.

Follow the Stratton Mountain road 4 miles to the Welcome Center on your right.  To go to the main base lodge, park near the Welcome Center and walk through the village to the base of the ski slopes.  

The West River is approximately 3 hours from the Boston and Hartford areas and 4 1/2 hours from the New York City area.

Additional Information

Shop Discount

At the start of your clinic you will get two shop discount cards good for two weeks from the date of your clinic. One card entitles you to 10% off accessories in our Outfitters Shop. The second card entitles you to a $50.00 discount off a boat purchase. All boat purchases come with free outfitting and 10% off accessories in the Outfitters Shop for the next year.