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Solo Novice Canoe Clinic

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Learn How to Solo Canoe

Canoeing is a terrific sport for paddlers of all ages and abilities. Solo canoeing combines the subtlety of canoe strokes with the excitement of surfing waves, catching high-speed eddies, and spinning on a dime in the midst of a rapid. In these fast-paced canoeing clinics for novices, Zoar Outdoor’s expert playboaters start by teaching you fundamental canoe strokes, leans and maneuvers on flatwater and progress to moving water and finally to class II whitewater canoeing.

After introducing the sport and the equipment, we will get our first taste of the boats in the security of a pond where we can practice exiting and leaning the canoe, and learn the basic strokes, including sweep strokes, forward strokes, draws, and braces. Once people are comfortable in the boats, we will head to moving water where we will introduce river maneuvers such as the eddy turn, peel out, and ferry. On the second day, we will continue to work on river maneuvers, and we will end by running a several-mile-long, Class I-II section of the river.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art solo playboats is available to paddlers who do not have their own. These clinics are great for avid recreational or river canoers who want to get into solo whitewater canoeing in Massachusetts.

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