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  • April 15th 2023, Meets in VT

Steep Creek Kayak 1 Day Clinic

Quick Details

Wells River VT for 2023!

1-day Clinic

Improve Your River Running in our Steep Creekin’ Kayak Clinic

Come join us on April 15th on the Wells River in Wells River, Vermont for the 2023 Intro to Steep Creeking clinic! Experienced instructors will focus on applying basic and advanced kayaking skills to the creeking environment.  Instructors will also go over the appropriate risk mitigation strategies and considerations for kayaking in varied environments. 

The Wells River is a Vermont classic, and it is an excellent resource for intermediate to advanced kayakers.  The 1.1 mile long section consists of five primary drops that are class III or IV, one portage, and plenty of fun boogie water in between. The rapids offer everything from a high quality single drop to longer more complex routes. Paddlers will enjoy many fantastic eddylines, splat rocks, and surf waves. It is truly a one stop shop for high quality class III/IV paddling.

We will be meeting at the P&H Truck Stop in Wells River VT to gear up and talk through the plan for the day. After gearing up, we will hit the water and start tuning into our foundational skills. The short and pool drop nature of the river allows for many full laps of the river, along with hiking laps of individual rapids. During lunch, instructors will provide video review, and the group will return to the river for more steep creeking practice and instruction.