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Beginner & Intermediate Kayaking

Our novice kayaking lessons on the Deerfield River in Massachusetts give aspiring kayakers the skills, experience and confidence to learn the sport of whitewater kayaking. Learning to kayak is fun and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors together with friends or family. There is a great sense of accomplishment as you progress from the basic strokes and maneuvers to running class II rapids with control and confidence. Our friendly professional kayak instructors teach proper stroke techniques as well as responsible whitewater kayaking practices.

For whitewater kayakers with previous paddling experience, we offer Novice, Class II and Class III kayaking clinics on the Deerfield River in Massachusetts. These clinics focus on the skills needed to advance to the next level of the sport with control and finesse.

Our one-, two- and three-day clinics offer in-depth instruction to help you refine your whitewater skills and gain confidence in more difficult rapids. Book one of the paddling clinics below!