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  • Feb 5th and March 5th 2023

Indoor Pool Rolling

Quick Details

Location is in Franklin, MA

Indoor Rolling

Learn Rolling in an Indoor Pool at Hockomock YMCA

Our indoor kayaking clinics are geared toward beginner to intermediate kayakers, C-1ers, and OC-1ers. Our instructors are American Canoe Association (ACA) certified and have many years of experience teaching kayaking, canoeing, and rolling.

Our low student-to-instructor ratio (3:1) assures that you will receive the personalized attention our instruction program is known for, and our flexible instruction method uses both the C-to-C roll and the modified sweep roll to accommodate people with different body types and to make learning fast and enjoyable.

In each class, we warm up with skills such as strokes, leans, and braces. We work on improving your execution of these basics so that when you put boat to river next spring you’ll be ahead of the game. We then devote the rest of the session to rolling. For those who can’t roll, we start from scratch, leading you through a logical progression from hip snaps to paddle motions to a full-blown kayak roll. If you’re an experienced roller, you can work on improving your technique, flipping without setting up, and learning an off-side roll, a hand roll, or any other variation of the basic roll.

We offer Sunday sessions during winter and early spring in Franklin, Massachusetts.  Sessions run from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.