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Intermediate Kayak Clinic

Quick Details

1-Day Clinic per person
2-Day Clinic per person
3-Day Clinic per person

Take a One, Two or Three Day Intermediate Kayak Skills Clinic

The goal of this clinic is to build on the basic skills of whitewater kayaking with an emphasis on creating strong foundational techniques in the sport. Whether your goal is to use class II as a stepping stone to kayaking more difficult whitewater runs or as a destination itself, the skills taught in this class will serve you well. We work on refining your maneuvering skills, including eddy turns, peel outs, ferries, self rescue, and basic surfing. We also start introducing the kayak roll in this course.

Our 1-day course After a review of the basic strokes, including sweep strokes, forward strokes, and edging, we introduce or improve upon your strokes and maneuvers with the gliding draw and bracing. This is a technique heavy paddling day.

Our 2-day course Builds on the foundation set in the first day. Additional time on a second day will help the skills be deeply incorporated into brain and body for the future.  As paddling skills start to become more refined, it helps to have an expert eye providing feedback on your paddling.

Our 3-day course This may just be the perfect way to spend a summer week.  While we are very much skill focused, our three day course also allows paddlers to experience more time practicing the skills with longer sections of whitewater.  More time to practice the roll and more time to have fun!

Don’t see a date that works for you?  Want to do this course as a private, semi-private, or with your own group? Check out our information on custom clinics and when you’re ready we will help set up a great course on your dates.

“Thank you so much to the team at Zoar for an awesome weekend. Scott is an amazing instructor – so kind, detailed, affirming and knowledgeable and fun! I feel really lucky to have gotten to learn with him this weekend. He taught me So much. Everyone I met from Zoar was super welcoming and positive, and the overnight stay was great. Thank you so much for everything!” – Lauren

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