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Moving Water Rolling Skills 1/2 Day Clinic

Quick Details

*Prior Rolling Experience Required

1/2 Day Clinic
12:30 - 4:30PM

Spend the Afternoon Learning Kayak Rolling

During the first half of class we often focus on reviewing the components needed to roll. We’ll provide coaching and drills to help strengthen your roll.
The second half has some options. Some folks may want to keep working on flatwater rolls, others may want to take their roll to the river. If folks need a break from rolling we may also focus on paddling skills to help prevent those flips in the first place! We use a logical progression so you get a great foundation to build skill. Taking this course does not guarantee that you’ll come away from it with a roll as everybody learns at a different pace. If you’re an experienced roller, you can work on improving your technique, flipping without setting up, and learning an off-side roll, a hand roll, or any other variation of the basic roll.

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