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Learn to Kayak – Event

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May 23-24 2020

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$ 285 $ 265.50

Memorial day weekend often feels like the start of summer and we want to make this one extra special. Have you ever seen kayakers playing their way down a river? They stop behind rocks, attain up rapids like fish and surf on river waves. Have you ever thought that it looks really cool and you might want to give it a try? Then this is the weekend to just do it. Learn whitewater kayaking this Memorial day weekend!

Trying a new sport is like taking any new risk in life, but we’re here to help you through any of the barriers that may get in the way. Our sign-up process is easy. Our instructors are all certified through the American Canoe Association so you can be sure their qualified and teach folks every day all summer long. They are patient and fun and they’ll put your concerns first. Our equipment is new and top-of-the-line which means you’ll be in a boat and gear that is sized right for you, is comfortable, and gives you the best chance to learn paddling techniques well. Our food is prepared for you in our small commercial kitchen and tastes awesome.

So what will the weekend be like? Fun! It really is the best descriptive word for getting into paddling. This sport just makes you giggle. It’s exhilarating at times, peaceful at times, challenging at times, but ultimately it’s just a fun way to go down a river. Our instructional days start with a morning of flatwater skills. You’ll learn to capsize and exit the kayak, swim with it, empty it and get back in. You’ll learn how you can lean a kayak like riding a bike or edging skis or a snowboard into a turn, test your balance point. These boats love to spin, but that helps them maneuver through rapids. Since they spin easily we’ll help you learn proper technique to control the spin and help you paddle forward, backwards and even to go sideways. We’ll help you recognize poor technique which will help you avoid injuries down the road. The fun really gets going as you get your first thrill of moving current. There’s nothing quite like kayaking down a moving river. You’re in control! You can go anywhere you want! Stop anywhere you want and play the features of a rapid like you’ve never thought of before. It’s really cool!

This is the weekend to kick it off! As some of the areas top paddlers return for the harder rapids on the Dryway section we welcome our new paddlers to a summer of unforgettable fun. We want to start you early this year so you get a chance to come back time and time again. Speaking of that we make it easy for you to return. All of our two day novice clinics include two free days of rentals so that you can get some practice time in before your next lesson. On your second lesson of the season we offer a 10% discount and if you take more than two clinics we offer 15% off each additional clinic. Let’s get you started!

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