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Soup & Sales in The Outfitters Shop

After a couple guaranteed weeks of water it’s time to come on back to the Deerfield River and enjoy how long our schedule of whitewater releases lasts! October 17th this year in fact and we’ll be running clinics right though. This is the time to celebrate October paddling. In OctoberFest fashion we’ll be looking to partner up over this weekend and have some local celebration! The releases are running longer into October this year!

Just before the season really winds down paddlers can take advantage of great in store discounts. Get geared up for the “chilli” season. Learn about the best equipment for extending the paddling season.

Take up to 20% off accessories on major brands and check out the clearance items for even deeper discounts! Pick up your dream ride before the season is over, we have a great selection of kayaks to choose from. Come be a kid in a candy store and oogle the toys you’d love to own.

We love hanging out with paddlers in the shop. Your stories from the day energize us! The fall season is a great time to paddle. Warm water with crisp cool mornings and awesome views. You start to sense the change in the trees while floating down the river. Let your thoughts wander and enjoy the day. As you start to get hungry we’ll be ready for you with a taste of delicious fall soups.

Paddlers buy from paddlers. We are a special community of unique folks but through paddling we all share such a cool bond. We look after each other on the river and help each other off the river too. We celebrate each other’s success and help each other laugh about our failures or nurture each other when we need those moments too. The bond among paddlers is strong, lets celebrate a great season.

The local connection. Those that paddle in October are often locals. The hardy ones, the well prepared ones. They know each other and they encourage other locals to come along. The spirit of fun and adventure is a strong one. What else is so cool about local paddlers is the connections outside of paddling.

More information coming soon!

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