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Swiftwater Rescue 2-Day Course led by Guest Instructor Mike Mather

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Offered May 11-12, 2024

Learn Swiftwater Rescue with an Expert Instructor

This clinic takes a hands-on, in-the-water approach to teaching and practicing river rescue and safety skills using scenarios on whitewater up to class IV.   Instructor Mike Mather sets up scenarios to practice specific skills such as aggressive swimming, swimming at strainers, wading rescues, rescuing a foot entrapment victim, unpinning boats, using tag lines, z-drags, and zip lines, and using a rescue lifejacket.

As boaters run more challenging sections of river, they need to match their rescue skills to the difficulty of the water. Our two-day Swiftwater Rescue course provides folks with a unique opportunity to practice rescue scenarios in a challenging setting with our expert instructors.

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