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Swiftwater Rescue Clinic

Quick Details

Learn Swiftwater Rescue Techniques

This clinic takes a hands-on, in-the-water approach to teaching safety skills and river rescue. Specific skills covered include aggressive swimming, swimming at strainers, wading rescues, rescuing a foot entrapment victim, unpinning boats, using tag lines, z-drags, and zip lines, and using a rescue lifejacket. Our emphasis is on judgment and managing river rescue situations, as well as rescue techniques that can be performed with a minimum of equipment.

For those interested in being prepared to handle a river rescue, our Swiftwater Rescue course is based on a curriculum developed by the American Canoe Association and is designed to teach both river rescue techniques and preventative river running strategies to reduce river users’ risk in all river craft.

This course combines classroom and shoreline time with practical hands-on, in-the-water instruction and scenario practice.

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