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Wilderness First Responder

Quick Details

June 1-7, 2024


Become Wilderness First Responder Certified

We offer Wilderness First Responder certification and recertification courses for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts. This course is taught in conjunction with Wilderness Medical Associates of Maine.

As an outdoor person, you may find yourself in a situation where help is more than a phone call away. Typical first aid courses train students to provide care before an ambulance arrives. This course is designed for people who often travel where dialing 911 is not an option. It is experiential and tough, with emphasis on practical sessions and videotaped simulations using mock victims. This course runs for seven days.

A Typical Day

Full course: Wilderness First Responder is a 70-hour Wilderness Medical Associates course running over seven days. The course begins on the first day at 8:00 and runs until about 6 p.m. each day. The other days of the course may have different start or end times. Your instructor will let you know what the schedule will be on the first day of the course. Sometimes the day will include evening video critiques or simulations. You should plan on spending time in the evenings, after the course is done, working on homework.

WFR Recertification/Challenge

For folks who need to keep their WFR certification up to date. This course is an intensive review and retesting of the WFR curriculum with a CPR update and other updates where protocols or treatment options may have changed. This course runs for three days.

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