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Dryway River Run

Quick Details

Private (1 person)
Semi-Private (2 people)
Semi-Private (3 people)

Experience River Running on the Dryway

The goal of this river clinic is to help Class III paddlers move to the next level of kayaking or canoeing by running the Deerfield River Dryway with a Zoar Outdoor instructor.

We start with a warm-up and skill check on flatwater and then hop on the Dryway, taking it one rapid at a time and scouting from boat or shore as we go. Our advanced river runs on the Dryway teach advanced intermediate kayakers and canoeists how to paddle confidently in this Class III-IV playground. We work on developing effective river-running strategies, surfing, running slots, and other advanced moves. We also offer the option to walk around any rapid. Come improve your paddling skills with us!

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