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Roll and River Run 1 Day Clinic

Quick Details

1-Day Clinic

Improve your roll and river running skills

We typically start this day with a short warm-up followed by flatwater roll practice. Our goal is to help participants improve their roll to the point that they will feel comfortable trying some in moving current. After time in flatwater we have a river run on the Deerfield River Fife brook section concluding with an option to run or walk Zoar Gap rapid.

A river run on the Zoar Gap section of Massachusetts’ Deerfield River is a great opportunity for folks to continue to work on their rolls or pick our instructors minds on other skills of interest too. We are here to help develop each paddlers individual needs.

We spend the day enjoying the river, while gaining experience kayaking on New England’s best class II summer whitewater run.

(If you own your own equipment, we suggest you use it in the clinic to get used to its quirks.)

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