Advanced Swiftwater Rescue 2-Day Clinic

Quick Details

Learn Swiftwater Rescue with an Expert Instructor

This clinic takes a hands-on, in-the-water approach to teaching and practicing river rescue and safety skills using scenarios on whitewater up to class IV. It picks up where the Swiftwater Rescue Clinic leaves off. Instructor Mike Mather sets up scenarios to practice specific skills such as aggressive swimming, swimming at strainers, wading rescues, rescuing a foot entrapment victim, unpinning boats, using tag lines, z-drags, and zip lines, and using a rescue lifejacket.

Our emphasis will be on judgment and managing river rescue situations, as well as rescue techniques that can be performed with a minimum amount of equipment. We review basic river rescue skills for about a half day on the first day. The rest of the class is spent setting up scenarios that involve more difficult and complex rescue situations using any of a number of area rivers.

As boaters run more challenging sections of river, they need to match their rescue skills to the difficulty of the water. Our two-day Advanced Swiftwater Rescue course provides you with a unique opportunity to practice rescue scenarios in a challenging setting with our expert instructors.

More Information

  • Chevron down Class Prerequisites
  • Advanced Rescue participants should be solid class III boaters and should have taken at least the 2-day Swiftwater Rescue course. This course is appropriate for rafters, canoeists, kayakers, or professional rescuers who are familiar with swiftwater rescue skills and are comfortable on class III whitewater.

  • Chevron down Instructor
  • Mike Mather is an ACA certified Swiftwater Rescue instructor trainer with over 20 years of rescue experience in West Virginia, Colorado and around the country. He has taught classes around the world by request, has experience with teaching courses for the military and has set up high rise construction site rope safety. He is a wizard with ropes and provides some of the best river rescue instruction in the United States.