Essential Canoeing Skills

Canoeing Clinics and Guided Canoe Trips in Massachusetts

Canoeing with family and friends is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and expand your world of adventure. Traditional whitewater canoeing allows you to paddle with a grace and style developed throughout the centuries. State-of-the-art open canoe designs offer the same maneuverability and excitement as some of the hottest whitewater kayaks, yet canoeing requires a greater degree of finesse to master.

Zoar Outdoor offers both solo and tandem novice canoeing lessons as well as canoeing clinics for intermediate and advanced canoe students. If you've always wanted to take a longer canoeing trip, but are not sure you possess the skills, try one of our Tandem River Canoeing clinics. For more experienced canoe students, we offer intermediate and advanced canoeing clinics taught by experienced ACA certified whitewater instructors that emphasize river running and whitewater playboating skills.

Our Novice Solo Canoe - 2 Day Clinic introduce the sport of canoeing and cover:

  • Choosing proper equipment and clothing
  • Carrying a canoe
  • Entering and exiting a canoe
  • Essential flatwater strokes, braces and maneuvers
  • Edging the canoe
  • Proper body position
  • River safety
  • River reading and identifying hazards
  • Self rescue
  • Eddy turns, peel outs and ferries

Our Tandem River Canoe - 2 Day Clinic focus more on the maneuvers needed for running rivers in longer tandem canoes.  We cover the above skills as well as:

  • Teamwork and communication in a tandem canoe
  • Unique bow and stern skills and responsibilities
  • Strategies for running rapids without taking on any more water than necessary

As your skill in a canoe progress to a higher level our Intermediate Canoeing Clinics will inspire you to keep being more precise and effiecent.  In this clinic, students learn to:

  • Fine tune stroke skills and gain confidence on the off side
  • Execute eddy turns, peel outs and ferries with confidence on Class II and III rapids
  • Surf waves
  • Break a Class III rapid into smaller, less intimidating parts
  • Read the finer points of a rapid and execute precision maneuvers
  • Paddle aggressively and pick up speed quickly in current

The canoe’s large cargo space is also an excellent choice for multi-day river trips. Zoar Outdoor offers guided one-day River Runs in Massachusetts for advanced beginner to advanced canoe paddlers:

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