Wilderness Medicine: Wilderness First Responder Certification

Wildreness Medicine: Wilderness First Responder Certification

We offer Wilderness First Responder certification and recertification classes for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts. This course is taught in conjunction with Wilderness Medical Associates of Maine.

Wilderness First Responder

As an outdoor person you may find yourself in a situation where help is more than a phone call away. Typical first aid courses train students to provide care before an ambulance arrives. This course is designed for people who often travel into the wilderness and external help may be delayed.  It is experiential and tough, with emphasis on practical sessions and video taped simulations using mock victims.


WFR Recertification/Challenge

For folks who need to keep their WFR certification up to date. This course is an intensive review and retesting of the WFR curriculum with a CPR update and other updates where protocols or treatment options may have changed.


Wilderness First Responder -  $659 per person

June 2-8 2018

January 4-10 2019

WFR Recertification/Challenge -  $329 per person

May 29-31 2018 

January 12-14 2019

Lodging Specials - Call our office to take advantage of this special, 800-532-7483

January - $35 per person per night for a shared double occupancy room at Hawk Mountain Lodge. Common room and use of shared kitchen at scheduled times. 

June - Free tent camping at our base at Zoar Outdoor.  

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